Linergy HK. Linergy "Hot Plug" solution range for upgradable and flexible panels. They are one-pole modular units with an interlocking dovetail feature that enables ganging of the blocks to create multi-pole configurations according to application requirements.

Terminal Blocks and Strips

Class Type LB power distribution blocks. Power Distribution Blocks for splicing or distributing wires within control panels. Push-in type, spring type, and screw type terminal blocks.

bornier terminal block

Mark-able cable ends, insulated cable ends in dispenser pack, uninsulated cable ends and tools. The complete range of Linergy TR cable ends ferrules helps streamline all your electrical installations with three types of insulated cable ends -- markable, standard, or twin -- available in three different lengths.

All cable ends are packed in easy-to-use dispenser pack or zippered bag.

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Class Type G terminal blocks. This family of blocks and accessories offers a wide variety of features like DIN 3 track mounting, colored blocks, terminal screws shipped backed out, captive screws and higher density to save you both money and time.

This line also includes a direct mount block that can be panel or track mounted. Standard track comes in common lengths and break-off styles. The thermal feature trips when there is an overload of ten times rated current or less. The magnetic mechanism trips instantaneously when there is a short circuit. The Class Type GCB Series C thermal-magnetic circuit protector is a trip-free, track-mountable device with current ratings from 0.

Fuseholders for control circuits and equipment in control panels. Linergy TR Cable Ends Ferrules and Tools Mark-able cable ends, insulated cable ends in dispenser pack, uninsulated cable ends and tools.

bornier terminal block

Where to Buy Search partners, distributors and integrators in your area. Need help?The technology features a multi-conductor connection and maximum contact forces. The style combines the advantages of a screw connection system with the benefit of spring-loaded contacts. The snap-fit ground PE terminal block and standard plug-in bridges allow for critical time savings when assembling terminal strips. Featuring a smaller spring technology, the spring cage terminal style saves significant space without giving up large surface marking and generous wire entrance, as well as its flexible push-in bridging system.

XB spring cage terminal blocks are available for rated conductor cross sections of 1. Designed for critical time-saving applications. With the insulation displacement contact, this style of terminal block ensures a reliable electrical connection with a simple, audible click. The IDC style of XB terminal blocks is also available in a hybrid version, with the fast, time-saving IDC connection for wiring in the control cabinet and screw terminals for field wiring of the conductors that come from outside.

The hybrid version allows you to profit from the fast IDC connection and still offer your customers their preferred connection system. Available for FREE. Send an email to trc eaton. Overview Configure Resources. How to buy Locate a distributor Technical support. Back to search. Serial Number Verified :. Authenticated: The product is verified as being authentic; however, this does not guarantee the condition or fit for purpose of the product. XB IEC terminal blocks. Contact me about this product.

Machinery control training Eaton industrial control line card Locate a distributor. High-grade, strain-crack and corrosion-proof copper alloys to prevent electrolytic corrosion and rusting Screw locking maintenance-free design ensures proper operation and prevents screws from backing out, so tightening of the terminal screws is not necessary Metal surfaces are protected with a lead-free, galvanic nickel or tin plating.

Multiple conductors can be connected in the same clamping mechanism, saving space. Spring cage connection system for applications that are sensitive to vibration exerts a constant force on the wire, resulting in a vibration-proof, gas-tight connection Front connection design allows the screwdriver and wire to enter from the same direction, providing easy wiring in tight spaces Nylon construction of modular terminal blocks provides anti-tracking and impact resistance.

The options you need when you need them. Hybrid terminal blocks offer the best of both worlds with IDC or spring cage technology on one side and a universal screw connection on the other, giving you the options you need, while common profiles and accessories help keep your business efficient. Become a machinery control savant!

From beginners who are growing their knowledge to experts who need a refresher, Eaton offers a range of self-guided, eLearning and instructor-led training to meet your individual needs. Access the training to get started. Ready to order? Locate a distributor. People who bought this product also boughtTo be able to use EN in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser.

Refine by. Cable clamp. Connector 2 poles. Connector 3 poles. Connector 4 poles. Connector 5 poles. Cover for 5-pole double decker. Cover for cable clamp Eath bracket.

Flat Terminal block 5 poles. Fused terminal block 1 pole. Fused terminal block 3 poles. Release probe. Terminal Block FlatConnect. Terminal block Rast 5. Terminal block 1 pole. Terminal block 2 poles. Terminal block 3 poles. Terminal block 4 poles. Terminal block 5 poles. Test adaptor for terminal blocks with 3 poles.

Push through mount.

Industrial Control Panel Basics

Screw mount. Screw mount with moulded anti-rotation lug. Snap-in mounting. Housing: PA 6. Housing: PBT.

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Housing: PC. Housing: PC V0. Material: PC. Material: POM. Earth bracket. Earth bracket - Screw fixing.

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Earth bracket, screw fixing. Rapid Earth Contact. Plug and Socket. With integral cable release.Marking, bridging and testing accessories are standa The following functio The terminal block contacts are made with thermocouple-grade calibration alloys. The terminal blocks DIN rails have been accepted throughout the world, allowing the designer to m Alloy Ty Tap Into Advanced Connectivity!

Audit your temperature signals anytime, anywhere without interrupting the signal. Typical uses include conveni Description While UL branch circuit breakers protect feeder or branch circuits, R Series UL supplementary protectors are made to trip faster than a standard UL The ASK disconnect or fuse terminal blocks allow a circuit to be 'opened' without disconnecting the wire from the screw connections.

bornier terminal block

These terminal blocks have scr Two standard fusestyles are supported: 14x51 mm ASK 6 and These terminal blocks mount on standard 35 x 15mm and 35 x 7. Configuration complete. Please add to cart to keep it or exit the configuration. Show In Stock Only. Quick Ship. CE RoHS2 Curtis Industries manufactures a variety of barrier-style terminal blocks including high-voltage, dual-row and single-row to fit many different electrical applications.

Each high-current terminal block is rated to withstand up to volts. The series terminal blocks are designed to be placed end-to-end while maintaining center-to-center spacing. These can be purchased pre-assembled or bought in bulk.

CDM terminal blocks are furnished with a white fiber marking strip for easy circuit identification. Our high-voltage barrier-style terminal blocks can be customized in a variety of terminal variations to suit the requirements of your industry. Curtis Industries has been manufacturing custom terminal blocks for over 75 years. Our high quality terminal blocks are designed with sturdy materials and are quality control tested to ensure your product functions as intended.

We manufacture terminal blocks to your exact specifications and keep your industry needs in mind. Terminal blocks are best suited for electrical applications needing high-current output and input connections like the power supply or instrumentation industries. Series Superior Construction No end moldings, mounting brackets or metal mounting clamps required Available pre-assembled to rail, or in bulk. Versatility High Current — volts at 86 amps Finger safe design Blocks can be placed end-to-end while maintaining.

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Series CDM. Superior Construction Durable thermoplastic moldings Sectional through-bolt construction Brass terminal bars. Series H and BT. Versatility One thru 30 terminals on. Series L, 1. Series O, 1. Series S, 2.As an experienced and reliable partner, we can help you satisfy your building requirements with safety, efficiency, and pluggability.

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For over 40 years, we have been offering smart solutions with our connector systems, whether for lighting installation and automation, room automation, power supplies, and more. For over 40 years, with our connector systems we have been offering smart products and customized concepts for light technology and consistently improving them.

Efficiency, adaptability and speed are decisive factors in the success of today's manufacturing companies. Wieland Electric is therefore at your side with individual advice and intelligent solutions for safety technology, industrial communication and connection technology.

Modular and pluggable components are the key to flexible machines and systems. Reduce time exposure and costs and increase process reliability for long-term competitiveness. We are the experienced and reliable partner you need to fulfill your wind tower requirements with safety, efficiency, and pluggability.

For over 40 years, with our connector systems, we have been offering sophisticated products and customized concepts for energy distribution, light technology, and safety systems as well as retrofit solutions. Whether it is our e-shop, service portal or after-sales service, one inquiry is enough! You would like to configure or project the solution for your application? Make use of our wide range of software tools, there is something guaranteed for you.

Whether configurator, conception tool, planning or programming software, our software tools got your back.

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Safety is important to us, which is why Wieland offers comprehensive training programs for interested parties. Whether you are a plant manager, machine setter, mechanical engineer or service technician — the safety of machines and systems affects everyone, including you! Complex and time-consuming dismantling, stripping and wiring is a thing of the past! It couldn't be simpler, see for yourself! Your thirst for knowledge has not yet been quenched? Or have we awakened your curiosity more than ever?

Please click here, where you will find useful technical literature, catalogues and brochures about our solutions and products. Everything is just a click away. Industries All Industries All Industries. Building Technology As an experienced and reliable partner, we can help you satisfy your building requirements with safety, efficiency, and pluggability.

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Machine Building Efficiency, adaptability and speed are decisive factors in the success of today's manufacturing companies. Wind Power We are the experienced and reliable partner you need to fulfill your wind tower requirements with safety, efficiency, and pluggability.

Training Safety? Downloads Your thirst for knowledge has not yet been quenched? About us Why Wieland History Social commitment. Purchasing Quality. English English Deutsch. Wieland eShop Contact.We offer many terminal block products including double level plug-in, thermocouple, tab-connect feed through, grounding, space-saver feed through, fuse, sensor, plug-in connection, multi-circuit, mini, single circuit, neutral disconnect, isolation and more.

Our Push-in Terminal Blocks improve wiring efficiency and connection reliability. They are available in a wide range of IEC block types that include innovative control power distribution blocks, as well as two- three- and four-circuit sensor blocks. Our finger-safe blocks are designed for DIN rail mounting. We offer a wide range of high-density IEC block types, from general feed-through for control wiring to specialty blocks for grounding and isolation, plus thermocouple blocks designed for temperature-dependent process control applications.

Our IEC Spring-clamp Terminal Blocks offer screwless termination technology which offers a fast and practical solution for secure and durable connections. These high-density blocks reduce wiring time, minimize troubleshooting, and perform in severe conditions. Secure contact is durable under extreme conditions such as vibration type applications.

We offer 20 types of IEC spring-clamp terminal blocks, which include grounding, fuse, sensor, space-saver, mini, plug-in, and isolation.

NEMA Terminal Blocks offer easy wiring with standard size screwdrivers, easy visual verification of proper wire position and easy marking. Most of our NEMA blocks are available pre-assembled on a breakaway-mounting channel, complete with one end anchor, retaining clip and one end barrier.

Our finger-safe terminal blocks are compact and have recessed terminals. You can select from 11 colors for easy circuit identification. In addition to our standard multi-rail terminal blocks, we offer a wide range of fusible terminal blocks and isolation switches.

They reduce installation time, are ready to wire after mounting, and require no rail. These terminal blocks are available in four styles and seven types. Our Power Terminal Blocks feature terminal identification options. We provide mounting dimensions with each unit and label wire ranges and tightening torques on the product to simplify installation. We offer three marking solutions for your industrial equipment, wires, and terminal blocks. Sign In. Create an Account. Our extensive product portfolio is designed to improve your processes through every stage of your manufacturing cycle - from design and installation through operation and maintenance.

Electronic Data Sheets. Sample Code. User Manuals Wiring Diagrams. Get Support. Knowledgebase Support Center.

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