Welcome to Dottzgaming. However, this web-page will be left up for those who still would like to refer to it. This build is intended for 4-man dungeons without a dedicated healer.

eso warden healer pve

Many dungeons are easier if run with a tank and 3 DPS. A tank that can also provide healing will make this a breeze. There is an alternative for trials on DottzGaming.

Warden Healer Build PvE for Elder Scrolls Online

NOTE : The most important piece of advice playing a tank is to learn your class and understand the situations you are going to be in while tanking. The best build for you is the one that works for you.

Yes, be a vampire. You receive increased magicka recovery and being undead you take less damage if you are low health.

Maintain stage 3 vampire for best benefit. In this patch the Nord race is recommended due to its tankiness, extra stamina and ultimate generation. Imperial is another strong race with solid sustain and Argonian is also well suited with extra sustain from potions and healing.

Keep your bull netch active at all times for stamina resources. Use Enchanted Forest if you need quick healing. Keep up Budding Seeds as much as you can to trigger maturation passive and low cost healing. If you have any questions about the build or any other options with the warden tank, join our discord server and ask Pelle about the build in the PvE theorycrafting channel!

October 23, Archived ESO Builds. Werewolf vs. Related Posts. April 13, April 10, April 6, Are you 18 or older? Please verify your age to view the content, or click "Exit" to leave. I am over 18 Exit. Warden Tank Build — Final. Akaviri Dragonguard. Vestment of Olorime. This set provides you with minor heroism all the time, increasing your ultimate generation but it does offer you less magicka recovery.If you are new to ESO, please make sure to also check out:.

Warden as a Healer has some pretty strong heals and they make overall really good Healers. It will take time to get used to it but once you know it will work like a charm.

You have to make sure to get used to where you direct your heals, because most of your heals are area based, for example like conal heals. It is also very important that you play around with the skills a bit to get used to them and see what kind of stuff the Warden can dish out. Wardens also have really great defensive abilities like Expansive Frost Cloak that give damage mitigation to your group members.

No changes to the build in the Harrowstorm DLC. Added Healer related articles in the introduction.

eso warden healer pve

I also recommend using potions on cooldown. To be fully ready I recommend trying to get most of these sets and confirm with your raid leader what combinations you need them in. For the beginner setup, any trait of the sets works, if you want the perfect traits follow the main gear setup. Most important is that you get the sets complete to benefit from the bonus of each set.

Ideally you want to use the Clockwork Citrus Filet as it provides you with a little bit extra Magicka and Health. The Atronach gives us a lot of extra Magicka Recovery which we need to keep using abilities, make sure to get it! If you are planning to use skills from the Mages Guild and Psijic Orderjust make sure to not forget to activate the passives.

This section of the build is dedicated to the Blackrose Prison Arena, it is a bit different compared to the usual Trial and Dungeon setup due to how the Arena works and because you fight such a huge amount of enemies each wave. As a healer it is quite tricky in Blackrose Prison. There is a few good sets that I can recommend. I would always slot Olorime because of Major Courage in combination with Earthgore which heals for a lot when you are in a tough situation.

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As a second five piece set you have some options. If you are new in the Arena Kagrenac's Hope is a really good option so you can res your buddies faster.

Sanctuary is also nice because it boosts the heals of everyone. In terms of skill setup there is nothing really special.Welcome to Dottzgaming.

Welcome to DottzGaming. This is my Stamina based Warden healer for the Dragonhold patch. Before this was written, the build went through many renditions. This is the build I am currently statified enough to make a guide from. If you are looking to push scores for your high end raiding guild, then this build is not for you.

The build is intended to challenge the user, while providing a fun alternative to the meta builds. Using this exact build, I have healed the following content:. This build brings all the buffs and debuffs a conventional healer would bring to a trial with the exception of one, Elemental Drain. To offset this somewhat, I run full duration Minor Breech poisons on my backbar.

If you are still low on Magicka at that point, have someone else run Elemental Drain or learn to Heavy Attack. Replace shoes lightbelt light and jewelry with the Ancient Dragonguard set and use damage helm of your choosing.

I like Stormfist, but Skoria and Velidreth work well also. Remember, this is a build guide to help others. Using these strategies work for ME. Please use what works for you as you see fit. ESO is a game about choices. If you have any questions about the build, join our discord server and ask Wigglytooth about the build! Changed Buff food to tri-stat for more magicka for orbs and vines.

February 24, Related Posts.A quite big pool of Magicka will help you with casting heals and support spells and never run out of this precious resource. Nightflame : An excellent healing Monster Set for new and Veteran players.

eso warden healer pve

Greatly buffs our group, increasing our efficiency. Sanctuary : Another great healing set, especially good for new healers.

Sump setup for reef tank

Vestment of Olorime : Cloudrest Trial. Earthgore : Veteran Bloodroot Forge. Chokethorn : Veteran Elden Hollow I. Troll King : Veteran Blessed Crucible. Symphony of Blades : Veteran Depths of Malatar. The Worms Raiment : Vaults of Madness.

Jorvulds Guidance : Scalecaller Peak. Healing Mage : Aetherian Archive Trial. Illustrious Healing : Our main heal spell. A direct and over time heal that you should always have up. Enchanted Growth : Our emergency healing ability. Energy Orb : Super helpful when dealing with strong enemies.

Works as an additional synergy for your tank as well. Aggressive Horn : Our main Ultimate. We use this mostly against strong enemies, Bosses, to help our team with more damage. Budding Seeds : A heal over time ability that you can also activate any time for burst healing.

Excellent way to provide an additional synergy to your group. Blue Betty : Very important self-buff. Increases our spell damage and restores Magicka.

Ice Fortress : Great self and group buff that increases our resistances and reduces incoming damage. Elemental Drain : A very important skill for our sustain.

Debuffs the enemies with Major Breach and returns magicka to us thanks to its minor magickasteal effect. Enchanted Forest : Our secondary Ultimate.

Helpful when your team is under pressure.This is a Warden healing build for ESO, intended for most players.

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The build is updated for Elsweyr. If you have any questions about the Warden healing build, leave a comment below. What are the best weapons to use as a Warden Healer?

It is recommended that you have one bar for restoration staves, and one bar for destruction staves Lightning. The first bolded number indicated below is for a n champion point build. The second number within the is for champion point builds. The Shadow: 17 Shadow Ward — 37 Tumbling. The Lover: 75 49 Arcanist — 75 49 Tenacity. The Steed: 56 31 Ironclad — 41 Spell Shield. There is a lot of Warden Healer gear to choose from.

Below is a selection of viable gear, and below that a suggested end-game setup. This Warden Healer build is continuously updated, leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions!

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. May 8, Wardens make for awesome healers with good utility and group support. See our ESO Builds section for more builds. Related Posts. May 9, Add Comment cancel reply Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.Account Merchandise en en-GB de fr.

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Leave a Reply. This is a guide to making a Stamina Warden healer for 4-person PvE content. By the Green, why would anyone do such a thing? Because we can. The Warden is the first class with the abilities and passives needed to make stamina healing viable.

It makes for a very different play style than magicka healing and can be a lot of fun. To be clear, this is not an optimal build. If you want an optimal healer build, make a magicka healer probably a Templar, but definitely magicka. Also, "Stamina healer" is slightly misleading, as we still need to use magicka for various buff abilities.

Our heals scale off of stamina, but both resources are important.

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Sets Powerful Assault: This is the medium armor equivalent of Spell Power Cure, the go-to set for all magicka healing. When you cast an assault ability i. Vigorit increases the weapon and spell damage of up to 4 targets within 10 meters for 15 seconds. You want to use this for the same reason magicka healers use SPC - your job is to buff the group in addition to healing them, and this is a very powerful buff.

This set can be obtained from the Tel Var merchant in the Imperial City, or from guild stores.

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With the proper positioning and a cheap ultimate like the Warden's healing ultimate, you can keep high uptime on this very powerful buff. Sentinel of Rkugamz monster set : Healing procs a Dwemer spider that heals and restores stamina to allies in the area.

This is a great way to help the tank out with their resource management in addition to your own. We are able to run two 5-piece sets plus a monster set due to the nature of the 5 piece bonuses on Powerful Assault and War Machine. The effect will remain active when you swap bars.

In our case, we'll have PA on our frontbar with Vigor and WM on our backbar where we'll use our ultimate. It does not matter which piece goes where. Weakening enchant. It does not matter which element you have.

Ideally all body pieces are divines with stamina enchants.

eso warden healer pve

Jewelry should be stamina recovery; if your sustain is ok you can swap one or two for a weapon damage enchant those increase healing as well. Why a bow frontbar? To take advantage of Green Lotus, we want to light attack frequently. Being right next to the boss is often challenging as a healer, so we want a ranged weapon. Plus a healer spamming bow light attacks will drive some people in a PuG absolutely bonkers. Why a destruction staff backbar? Healers are expected to cast Elemental Drain, so we need a destruction staff.

We don't use the staff for anything else.

Protector of Life: The Complete End Game Warden Healer Build

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